Smart Waiting Rooms

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Title image of waiting room


We would like to build smaller and more efficient decentralized waiting rooms that can provide comfortable waiting areas for passengers. There would be a number of these unique rooms, all of which would be close to the actual train and bus platforms. Their actual placement is going to be carefully planned and evaluated with the platforms' space options in mind.

We are aiming for high-quality rooms with lighting, audio, sitting space, luggage space, air-conditioning, electronic arrival and departure systems, electrical outlet plugs and Wi-Fi connections, as well as security cameras.

Multilingual electronic passenger information displays will help the passengers to check their train or bus connections with real time information on delays, track changes and so on. Advertisements placed on these displays would be a source of income for these bus and train stations.

Technical Details

Passenger information system
Security cameras
Sitting space
Electrical outlet plugs
Safety button
Wi-Fi connection
A/C & air purifiers
Audio system
Length 8 – 12 m
Height 2.5 – 3 m
Width 3 – 4.6 m
Waiting room inside view


3 sizes including option with restrooms
Ceiling with air-conditioning and LED lighting
Reinforced steel foundation (surface finish) connected with the platform
Electrical switchboard with LCD
Tempered glass wall panel
Automatic door
Waiting room features